About Kohl's Ranch Stables

Welcome to Kohl's Ranch Stables!  This is one of our trail rides.  Our horses as you can see are extremely gentle and work good with beginners as well as advanced riders.  The trails are beautiful lined with ponderosa pine trees and forest animals.  The views are spectacular and the flowers dot the forest floor.  Elk deer, rock squirrel, blue jays and blue birds are seen frequently.  The trail takes you up to great views of the Mogollon Rim.  

The wranglers have great stories about the history of the area.

They are very helpful and also give a small lesson before you go out.

The varieties of birds in this forest are remarkable.  If you shut your eyes while you ride for a few seconds you will hear so many beautiful songs that the birds are singing to you.  One summer I saw the biggest butterfly right where the horses stay.  It was yellow and black and was at least six inches by six inches.  I never saw one so big!  If you take the time to look you will see huge grape vines and blackberry vines as you ride.